Jennie Msall, MBA

Jennie Msall, MBA, is a Consultant at Praxis Consulting Group, where she provides ESOP communications, financial literacy training, facilitation, and other organization development services to employee-owned companies and nonprofits. Jennie has 11 years of experience as a facilitator, trainer, and consultant working with nonprofits and employee-owned companies, and she has assisted in the conversion, launch, and growth of dozens of employee-owned firms. She believes leadership development is essential to leverage the powerful benefits that shared ownership can have for organizations and workers.  

Jennie plays an active role in the employee ownership community, speaking frequently about employee ownership and business strategy. She is the author of numerous publications and resource guides.

Prior to joining Praxis, Jennie worked at the nonprofit organization the ICA Group, where she directed the organization’s employee ownership transition program. In this role, she assisted dozens of companies with their transitions to employee ownership and provided owner exit planning, business analysis, financial and operational feasibility assessments, governance design, and employee training. She also created client service strategies and tools to simplify and scale employee ownership transitions.

Jennie holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a BA in Urban Studies from Vassar College.

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Jennie Msall, MBA

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