An effective strategy guides your organization to achieve your desired future in a changing environment.

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Strategic Planning

We facilitate broad-based strategic planning processes that can engage staff and board members in meaningful ways, so they understand and feel committed to the plan and to their role in implementing it. We work collaboratively with you to design a custom planning process aligned with your desired goals.

A successful strategic planning process:

  • Guides your organization to articulate and reach your desired future
  • Helps your organization clarify who you are, where you are going, and how you plan to get there
  • Surveys the external environment for opportunities and threats, and assesses your internal strengths and areas of improvement
  • Leverages the knowledge, experience, and perspectives of people in your organization
  • Is transparent and clear about the decision-making process
  • Strengthens relationships through engagement with strategic planning
  • Deepens strategic thinking competency among your leaders and staff
  • Aligns all organizational stakeholders in a common direction

Planning and/or
Decision-Making Facilitation

We can facilitate key meetings and/or retreats designed for planning or decision-making.

  • Annual planning for a departmental, organizational, or key initiative
  • Decision-making on targeted strategic questions
  • Facilitation within a strategic planning process that your organization is leading internally if a specific meeting could benefit from external facilitation

Strategic Planning Implementation/Change
Management Support

Implementing strategic decisions often entails major changes in your organization. We can facilitate inclusive processes to:

  • Guide, develop, and communicate a change management process
  • Equip leaders with improved understanding on how to effectively lead change within your teams
  • Help employees/staff understand major changes and their role in implementation
  • Gauge how people are responding to the changes, identify their concerns and challenges, and prioritize what is needed to move to the next steps

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