Clinical Coaching Program

BAYADA Home Health Care is a national leader in providing clinical care and support services at home for children and adults of all ages. Since 1975, BAYADA has been at the forefront of the home health care movement — working to give people greater access to high-quality care that helps them live safely at home.

Number of Employees: 
14,000 (US East Coast)
Client Since: 
Services Delivered: 
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Program
  • Change Management

BAYADA’s team includes more than 20,000 home health care professionals, serving their communities in 22 states within the continental US, and India, from more than 300 offices. BAYADA specialty practices include Home Health, Adult Nursing, Assistive Care, Pediatrics, Hospice and Habilitation.As the complexities associated with the delivery of quality healthcare in the U.S. have continued to increase, BAYADA Home Health Care sought to strengthen key competencies in their clinical workforce. The specific challenges of the home care clinical environment, coupled with data from employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews, revealed a need for clinical management to develop the skills necessary to: build supportive relationships with office and field staff, facilitate learning (present and future), raise performance and expand thinking and approaches.The BAYADA Clinical Coaching Program included two 2-day on-site learning sessions facilitated by Praxis. In these sessions, participating clinicians raised their self-awareness through exploration of their social identities, practiced active listening and effective questioning with empathy, were introduced to the components of coaching and applied this learning to several “real time” coaching scenarios. The coaching lab scenarios were solicited from participants in advance of the sessions, and practiced in a coaching lab environment with Praxis facilitators providing feedback.Between learning sessions, participants underwent a 360° feedback process (an electronic survey which gathers feedback about an employee’s strengths and areas for development from a variety of raters throughout the company), and met with Praxis facilitators on an individual basis to analyze their results. Between sessions, participants met in smaller groups (Learning Cohorts) on the phone or through other media. The Learning Cohort agenda included a check in to talk about their experiences as they developed their coaching stances, and an update on the use of particular skills in their day to day environment. These meetings also helped to create a community of support and learning for the participants.

Goals of Engagement

• Expand the coaching skills of accomplished BAYADA clinicians to support, develop and retain quality professionals.

• Increase the effectiveness of clinical leaders and mentors through competency based coaching skills.

• Facilitate growth in others; encouraging and sustaining a culture of coaching and caring consistent with BAYADA's core values.

• Provide processes and tools to promote continuous learning and practice coaching skills.

The Result

“BAYADA Home Health Care has long been dedicated to the professional development of its clinical staff. The Clinical Standards and Leadership function plays a vital role in supporting the education, training and development of clinical leaders throughout the organization, in service to our mission of caring for millions of people worldwide with Compassion, Excellence and Reliability. Through specific incidents, I recognized that my staff struggled with coaching skills. I was very excited to partner with Praxis to design and deliver a coaching program aimed at deepening their self-awareness and developing specific skills to enhance their overall coaching capacity. The clinicians who participated in this program have verbalized that the skills they gained have elevated their practice. They have more self-awareness, and are more adept at identifying coaching opportunities with their fellow clinicians. I cannot thank Kathleen and Nancie enough for the design and delivery of this exceptional coaching program. Additionally I am grateful for the support they provided to my staff during every phase of the program.” -Marie Blessington, Chief Nursing Officer, BAYADA Home Health Care.

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