Culture of Ownership and Leadership

When Recology was getting ready to launch an initiative to expand both their business and staff, they engaged a team of Praxis consultants to help prepare to take on this challenge. For the growth strategy to be effective, the company wanted to strengthen its ownership culture, and develop a cadre of leaders who could effectively manage new and expanding businesses.

Number of Employees: 
Client Since: 
Services Delivered: 
  • Customized Leadership Development
  • Ownership Culture
  • Executive Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching

Recology operating companies provide collection, recycling and disposal services to more than 600,000 residential and 60,000 commercial customers. An industry leader in recycling and composting, Recology is also the largest employee-owned company in the industry.

Goals of Engagement

• Design and deliver mid-level and advanced leadership development programs that build leadership capacity among mid- and upper-level managers.

• Through the programs, enhance business performance and align leadership practices with the company’s ownership culture.

The Result

• Strengthened company’s bench of leadership talent by providing participants in the leadership development programs with essential new leadership knowledge and skills.

• Launched new mission-critical initiatives for the company, including identifying new services to reduce the waste stream, a new company-wide sustainability education program, a cost-benefit analysis of using renewable energy sources, and an expansion of the company’s sustainability reporting process.

• Increased participants’ exposure across the company.

• Deepened understanding of company strategy and how people can support it.

• Developed among participants a network of peers from across the organization that can be leveraged to collaborate on future initiatives

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