November 8, 2023

ESOP Association Employee Owned 2023

Alex Moss will participate in the Mock Board Meeting, discussing "The Role of the Board in ESOP Trustee Monitoring" with Brian Ippensen, President of TI-TRUST (Session Moderator), Lee Bloom, Managing Director of Aldine Advisors, LLC, and Cindy Turcot, Retired CEO/Advisory Board member of Gardener's Supply Company.

In this mock Board committee meeting, the Board members will discuss the "duty to monitor" the ERISA fiduciaries.  What does this mean? How is it accomplished?  The monitoring discussion will include the trustee and other plan advisors such as the plan administrator or investment advisor.

Ginny Vanderslice will serve as session moderator for "Navigating the Challenges in Leading Peers" with Trey Winthrop, CEO, Bob's Red Mill.

Where possible, many ESOP companies commit to internal promotions. Moving into a role where you are leading your peers comes with a set of challenges. In this session we will discuss these challenges and recommend some actions that newly promoted leaders can take to address them.

Linshuang Lu will moderate a session titled "Identifying and Developing the Next Generation of Leadership" with Valerie Matias, Director of Human Resources at Aqua Engineers, and Kylie Jackson, Director of Community Engagement at Great Game of Business.

Does your company have a leadership development and succession system in place? If not, it needs one!  In this session, we will discuss how to build a leadership development and succession planning system that is continually identifying and working to develop leadership for the future of your ESOP.

Lindsay Shafer will participate in a session "After Onboarding: Methods for Continuing Employee Owner Education" moderated by Paul Dougherty, Tax Manager, Recology.

Onboarding is an important part of introducing your employees to employee ownership, your culture and how it works. But what happens next? In this session we will go over proven and effective ways to keep your workforce engaged and educated in the workings of employee ownership. Hear real life examples of what has (and hasn't) worked for Recology, an ESOP for over 35 years, and from an experienced consultant who has worked with multiple ESOP clients.

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