September 13, 2023

ESOP Association Texas/Oklahoma Chapter - 2023 Fall Conference

Linshuang Lu will present Building Trust: In Each Other, In the Company, In the ESOP and a second session focused on Leadership Succession Plans and Practice.

Building Trust: In Each Other, In the Company, In the ESOP
Trust can make an enormous contribution to the positive climate for the company and to how well the ESOP is received. Come to this session to learn about how to build and cultivate trust within your company and in the ESOP.

Leadership Succession Plans and Practice - Underappreciated Risk / Opportunity
Nearly every ESOP ownership transition has at its core the leadership succession - the Sellers who ran the company will eventually leave, and who will replace them to maintain a thriving business? ESOP's are no less vulnerable to vague or not existent succession plans, or weak succession processes. The result can be sudden loss of leadership, weak leadership, or dissention in leadership.  Clear and effective succession plans provide leadership continuity and a better chance for the company to survive and thrive. The panel presents observations, experiences and recommendations for dealing with leadership succession planning and practice.

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