June 18, 2024

ESOP Association Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter Board of Directors Conference

Alex Moss and Ginny Vanderslice will be presenting at this conference.

Collaboration between Executive Leadership & Board of Directors in Setting & Monitoring Company Strategy, and Implications for Building Your Board

Alex will be presenting with Rich Cammarano from Tech Etch

This session focuses on the active engagement between the CEO, leadership team, and the Board of Directors in developing, approving, and monitoring an ESOP company's strategic plan, including implications for board membership. We will present a framework that guides these interactions, share an ESOP company case study, and engage attendees in discussion.

The Board's role in CEO Transition, Board Succession and Internal Succession Systems

Ginny will be presenting with Heather Braimbridge-Cox from Windings, Inc. and Mike Frommelt from Strategic Talent Partners

One of the most critical functions of a Board of Directors is to ensure the RIGHT leadership is in place. Their involvement is very direct in regards to the CEO and Board Directors, but also critical in championing succession planning throughout the company.  This session will discuss all three of these scenarios, sharing best practices for each (CEO Transition, Board Succession and Overall Succession Systems). The panel will share real live examples of succession done well as well as share some potential pitfalls to avoid.

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