Matthew Hancock, MBA

Matt Hancock helps organizations develop ownership cultures that are inclusive, resilient, and innovative. In addition to employee-owned firms, Matt has extensive experience working with labor-management partnerships and non-profit organizations in the United States and the European Union.

His areas of focus include:

• Continuous Improvement
• Employee Owner Education and Communications
• Leadership Development
• Group Process Design and Facilitation
• Labor-Management Collaboration
• Digital Transformation
• Strategy and Change Management
• Interest-Based Problem Solving/Bargaining

Prior to joining Praxis, Matt co-founded Chicago Tech Academy (ChiTech), Chicago’s first technology-focused high school. Matt began his career in Bologna, Italy, where he earned a Master’s in Cooperative Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy). He authored a book, Compete to Cooperate, about the cooperative movement there. A member of the European Organisation Design Forum, Matt holds a BA in history from Skidmore College, a Green Belt in Lean/Six Sigma and is the past Chair of The ESOP Association’s Ownership Culture Committee.

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Matthew Hancock, MBA

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