Jon Sweigart, MSS

Jon Sweigart has experience providing practical and strategic support for the client’s learning and performance goals. His work helps organizations build healthy, productive workplaces where employees engage in meaningful ways and build strong ownership cultures in their broadest sense.

He draws on his professional experience in senior management, human resources, talent development and workplace learning in his work with employee-owned, nonprofit and private sector organizations.

Focus areas include:

  • Executive assessment
  • Coaching with individuals and teams
  • Multilevel leadership development design and facilitation
  • Large- and small-group process design and facilitation
  • ESOP communication
  • Strategic planning

Through his work, Jon has shifted organizations from an exclusive focus on training events with limited impact to a sustained process focused more on the resources, social interaction, and performance support that encourage autonomy and continuous learning for longer-term impact. Prior to joining Praxis, Jon served as Vice President of Personnel and Professional Development at a nonprofit organization, where he helped develop a signature service delivery approach based on customer-centered, data-informed and culturally appreciative principles.

He frequently presents at ESOP Association and National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) events and is a member of the ESOP Association’s Ownership Culture Committee.

Jon is a certified practitioner in the following assessments:

  • EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360, an assessment of Emotional Intelligence
  • Hogan Leadership Assessment Series
  • Clark Wilson 360° Leadership Practices Survey
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS)

He holds a bachelor’s degree in English/communication from Goshen College and a master’s degree in clinical social work from the Bryn Mawr School of Social Work and Social Research.

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Jon Sweigart, MSS

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