Employee Ownership

Praxis was founded in 1988 to help employee-owned firms (primarily through Employee Stock Ownership Plans or ESOPs) maximize the performance potential of shared ownership. Through communications and employee education, culture alignment and leadership development, succession planning and governance programs we can help you strengthen the connection between employee effort, company performance, and the long-term rewards of shared ownership.

For a one-pager on our services for employee-owned companies, please click here.

ESOP Education and Communications

Regular and effective communication about your Employee Shared Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an integral part of creating a high performance ownership culture. We work with you to gain a better understanding of new role requirements as employee-owners and generate and support processes to make the company as successful as possible.

  • Design a plan for introducing your ESOP or employee ownership plan to company employees
  • Develop and refine key messages and values that employee ownership supports
  • Design and deliver customized, in-depth ESOP education programs for employees at all levels of your organization

Once you’re ready to move beyond the basics, we can:

  • Assess your company’s training needs
  • Develop an ongoing ownership education strategy
  • Design a series of training modules that focus on achieving your company’s strategic improvement targets
  • Conduct training for employee owners
  • Develop your internal capacity through our train-the-trainers program

ESOP Committees

In order to achieve their strategic ownership objectives, many companies establish Employee Ownership Education Committees to be responsible for ongoing ownership communication and education, programs. These programs keep ownership visible in the company, and link employee behaviors and initiatives to company performance. We work with you to:

  • Assess what type of committees are best suited to help you achieve your objectives
  • Establish these committees, including developing a process for member selection, writing the charter, setting objectives, roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate and guide the initial committee meeting
  • Train committee members for necessary communication, group dynamics and meeting skills
  • Provide ongoing consultation to management and/or committees

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