When your leaders have the skills to build trust throughout your organization, they are able to engage employees at all levels, and across all functions to drive performance. Through coaching and customized programs, our consultants give your executives, managers and teams the leadership skills they need to succeed.

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Customized Leadership Development

Our programs enable you to build a talent pool that enhances organizational performance, creates a culture of ownership, and allows you to meet current and future leadership challenges.

Great leaders need more than technical skills. They need the skills to build and maintain relationships with peers, employees, customers, and other partners. We begin by working collaboratively with your internal team to define a clear set of leadership competencies for each tier of leadership.

We then design customized leadership programs directed at building competencies that will make your organization successful.

Board Development

We work with your senior executives and board leaders to design governance structures that meet the needs of your organization as it evolves. Applying our knowledge of best practices, we educate your board members in their roles and responsibilities, so they can effectively carry out their fiduciary duties.

We assist you by:
  • Designing effective board structures and membership composition
  • Providing information about best practices in governance
  • Defining board, committee and staff roles & responsibilities
  • Clarifying the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the board
  • Developing an effective orientation process for new board members

  • Providing financial literacy training for board members on how to read and understand financial statements


Our coaching helps leaders at all levels understand and better manage their roles and responsibilities.

This process includes:
  • A comprehensive assessment of individual capabilities
  • Clarification of organizational expectations relevant to individual performance requirements
  • A focused plan of action, including accountability mechanisms
  • On-going coaching sessions
  • Evaluation of progress

Senior Team Development

Leading organizations has become a complex proposition, requiring intuitive and sometimes counter-intuitive practices. When an organization is in doing mode, it’s hard to imagine taking time to develop the practices and working relationships of the senior team. Most senior teams (C-Suite) are comprised of accomplished professionals, who have been successful in their diverse functional areas. These diverse professionals are then tasked with the sometimes abstract task of leading. Praxis helps senior teams collectively take up their leadership roles, to ensure the success of their organizations by:

  • Deepening capacity to detect, plan for and act upon influences in the larger, external environment (within and across industries, national and global in scope)
  • Adopting processes which increase integrated flow of information and alignment across functions
  • Developing skills and awareness to build and steward desired culture
  • Constructing strategies to attend to leadership pipeline across the organization, by identifying and developing future leaders
  • Building integrated leadership capability through use of best practices and frameworks, creating a common language to talk about and learn

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